DRF – Swedish association of clinical dietitians

DRF is a member of The Swedish Association of Scientists, Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations and has existed in its present form since 1984. The association has 1250 members, with a minimum of a BSc. Degree, and there are 300 student members. The education of dietitians started in Sweden 1969 and is today found at the universities of Gothenburg, Uppsala and Umeå. Since 2006 the clinical dietitians in Sweden are registered.

The main function of DRF is to protect the professional interests of it’s members and also to ensure high standards in training, in-service training and in research. DRF is also a consultation body to different authorities, trade-unions and different related associations and organisations (such as the Swedish Diabetic association, SWESPEN, EFAD etc.) The committee of DRF consists of seven registered dietitians and one student representative. For further information about our work, take a look at The statutes of the DRF.

DRF has a number of local associations. Within DRF there are also reference groups who have the task of producing nutritional treatment guidelines and informational material within specific areas such as geriatrics, renal medicine, diabetes etc. DRF has a scientific group consisting of dietitians with a PhD or MD, and a list of specialists who have received their title by fulfilling these requirements. There is also one group working with ethical questions and the code of ethics for clinical dietitians. Additionally there is another group addressing matters of information technology and documentation, the DRF position statement of NCP and NCPT can be read here.

If you are a dietitian educated abroad and interested in working in Sweden, you have to send an application to Socialstyrelsen for a swedish license to practice as a dietitian. Find further information here.